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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Birthday Party

It’s time for a birthday party and while reading Roald Dahl’s famous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Miss L decided to dedicate her celebration to everything chocolate!

First comes first, the invitations! In order to make the invitations, we purchased a few chocolate bars, cut them in half, and rewrapped them in their aluminium wrapper or extra aluminium foil. After preparing the chocolate bars, we made printable golden ticket invitations to place inside each bar that we wrapped with Willy Wonka’s famous paper candy bar wrappers.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party

In order to make the tickets I downloaded a Willy Wonka free font and made these printable wrappers and golden tickets. The Golden Ticket can be printed and edited by hand to add the date, place, time, and RSVP phone number. For best results, I printed the wrapper on plain white paper and the Golden Ticket on gold paper purchased at the local arts and crafts shop. You can download the candy wrappers here and the golden tickets here. Enjoy!

Celebrating an entire chocolate factory theme birthday party is a bit daunting at the home so we decided to take advantage of Paris’ amazing Chocolate Museum! With all of the amazing chocolate shops in Paris, we have actually never had the opportunity to discover this museum so the birthday party was the perfect occasion.

At the Chocostory museum they are currently offering a new Birthday Party theme. This means that the entire party can be held at the museum including a visit of 3 floors of chocolate history as well as a candy making workshop including baking a cake, making hot chocolate and also opening gifts!

Musee du Chocolat Paris

Chocostory Paris

Musee du chocolat Paris

Chocostory Paris

Chocostory Paris

Chocostory Paris

For our birthday party we opted to have a visit and workshop at the museum and continue our party at home. At the museum the kids were delighted to take a tour and learn more about chocolate making. The museum offers a Playmobil quiz along with the museum tour, but our kids were a bit older, therefore, I made a small quiz and treasure hunt for them to fill out to help them enjoy their tour of the museum. You can download our chocolate quiz here.

Chocostory Paris

Musee du Chocolat Paris

Chocostory Paris

Other activities at the party once we were at home included:

In order to create the ambiance of the book, we filled one room up with balloons. On the door, we labelled this room as Violet Beauregard’s Bubble Gum Room. Kids were invited to go inside and find the balloon that had a picture of Violet’s face taped on it!

Other goodies included party favors, games and photo booth accessories. In order to make Violet’s ever changing gum, we mixed up various flavors of gum into different packs for surprise tastes. Tommy’s 2D candy happen to be Pop Rocks. We made a cardboard television and paper glasses in which the kids could pretend to be zapped into the television. This was an excellent photo booth idea.  Another photo opportunity was the downloadable Oompa Loompa mask found on the James Forward Design site. We also made fizzy lifting drinks with an empty glass bottle. I printed out labels and added bobba drink balls to fuzzy water and syrup. This was a big hit!

Chocolate Birthday Party

Oompa Loompa printable

Fuzzy lifting drink

Each child was able to bring home their own special creations and learn about the history of chocolate! All in all, the birthday party was a huge success!

If you are interested in checking out Paris’ Chocolate Museum, this Sunday at 11AM there will be a very special activity for Easter! You can call the museum to reserve!

Musée Gourmand du Chocolat
28 bd Bonne nouvelle
Paris 75010
telephone: 01 42 29 68 60

Musee du Chocolat - Paques

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