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Family Travel in Venice Italy + Scavenger Hunt

Travel Venice with Kids

Venice, Italy is dreamy and an ideal destination for visiting with the family. Arriving on this magical island city by boat is already a charming start!  In order to get familiar with Venice, the best ways to get around are wandering on foot and also taking the public Vaperetto boats. Together with the kids, Yoyo Mom spent a fabulous weekend exploring Venice …

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24 hours in Venice w/ the Kids

Venice Italy with Kids

Chiara, blogger from My Wander Coffee, is an Italian mom with two children who recently took a trip to Venice, Italy.  Following her 24 hour trip to Venice alone with her two kids, she decided to share a few handy tips to make it easier to get around this beautiful city.  As a big lover of family travel, Yoyo Mom …

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Visiting Berlin with Kids

Berlin with Kids

Hallo Berlin… Wir kommen gleich ! The capital city of Germany is an ideal destination to visit with kids.  It remains an affordable city to stay in and it’s full of restaurants, shops and activities for the entire family to enjoy.  Besides the typical tourist spots that happen to be worth visiting ( Museum Island, the Bundestag, the Wall Museum …

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Playtime Berlin First Edition!

Playtime Berlin

After Paris, New York and Tokyo, on July 5th and July 6th Playtime will launch it’s very first Berlin edition!  Located in the capitol of Germany, Playtime Berlin aims to address professional buyers that are geographically closer to Eastern Europe and Northern European markets. During two days, 120 designers will be displaying their Spring Summer 2018 collections at the Palazzo Italia.  Local designers …

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Family Weekend in the Dordogne

When parents think about traveling to the Dordogne region of France, most moms and dads probably think about the delicious foods including the foie gras, truffles, walnuts, strawberries, and also the duck confit! When French children think about this region, they think more about traveling back into prehistoric times and visiting caves such as the Grotte de Lascaux! In 4 and a half …

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Paradise in Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou

Have you ever heard of Puy du Fou ? In English, Puy du Fou (pwee-do-foo) may sound awkward and it is most likely unknown to people who live outside of France. So what is this magical place? Puy du Fou just happens to be the ultimate, award winning theme park in France that is appealing for families of all ages …

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Family Weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam by bike

Living in Central Europe is very convenient for visiting various countries just by train. That is exactly what the family and I did over the weekend. In just a few hours by train from Paris, we arrived into the center of Amsterdam. Thanks to Macbike Rentals, we were able to discover several fun, kid-friendly spots in just under 48 hours. As there are so …

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Weekend Along the Seine with Little G


This weekend we took a short break outside of Paris to escape and enjoy the fresh air, the green trees, and the sunshine.  Eating lunch along the Seine at Les Canisses and catching a boat ride just on the outskirts of the city is ideal. For Little G this boat trip was like going on a jungle safari.  Spotting various ducks …

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Weekend in Barcelona with Kids!


The Yoyo Moms were looking for a break not too far away and not too expensive from Paris. We wanted to find a short escape after having a long winter without enough sunshine. We decided to choose Barcelona as the ideal city break because it’s less crowded off-season and the weather can be ideal! We arrived in Barcelona ready to …

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Visiting Bern, Switzerland with Nouschine

Berne Suisse voyage

Bern is the Helvetian capital of Switzerland.  We present this beautiful city through the eyes of Nouschine who is an art historian, teacher, artist and photographer. She has also been a blogger for 6 years and owns the shop Nouschine and Sons. Albert Anker (1831–1910) – La crèche en promenade  Bern is an old lady of great elegance. This is how I would describe …

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