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Celebrate Halloween in France!


As a California native, I love visiting the United States during Halloween.  This holiday is especially fun for kids and often many people make a bigger deal of celebrating than even Christmas!  The kids obviously love dressing up and trick or treating for candy and several locals tend to go crazy when decorating their homes and streets. This year, we will …

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Innocent : The Big Knit!


Do you know the fruit juice, the smoothies or the new coconut water from the brand Innocent? We are fans of this juice and at the moment we have been busy knitting away for a good cause! Last year  2003, Innocent raised over £215,000 through their program The Big Knit. For each bottle sold with a knitted woolly hats, Innocent makes a donation of 25p …

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DIY Salon: Créations & Savoir-faire Free Giveaway!

Salon CSF Giveaway

Créations & savoir-faire, THE#1 salon in Paris for all fans of arts and crafts and DIY activities, will open their doors on November 18th – 22nd! I am a big fan of DIY activities and I goto this salon each year to buy some amazing products including fabric, yarn, and other bits and bobs.  I also like to sign up for the various sewing …

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DIY Kawaii Cute Animal Socks

DIY Animal Socks

Inspired by the adorable Mini Dressing  and Emile & Ida animal socks, I decided to make my very own.  Without having too much time to waste, I shopped a few pairs of plain kids socks at Hema and with a few other materials already found at home, I was able to make a pair of DIY animals socks for the kids …

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5 Paris Expos to See With the Kids


September is the beginning of the school year and also an excellent time to visit an exhibition with the kids.   Going to exhibitions together gives us the chance to share and experience cultural moments and also explore what the beautiful city of Paris has to offer. Here are five exhibitions in Paris that are on our list to visit before …

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DIY Lavender Wands


When travelling around France, I always love visiting warm and sunny Provence in the summer.  Time slows down and there is something magic about the nature here. The typical sights and sounds include the murmur of crickets, the olive trees, the grape vines and also the sight and smell of lavender fields! These fragrant purple flowers are found in several beauty …

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DIY Travel Journal for Kids

DIY travel journal for kids

This summer the kids are having loads of fun and they have practically forgotten all about school! Although reading is a daily passion, I must admit that picking up a pen and paper are rather rare. In order, to give them daily or weekly practice in writing, I’ve been making them journals to record their adventures. Sometimes making the journals …

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Our Review of the Pixar Film Inside Out


Have you ever wondered what goes on in your brain? Have you ever listened to the little voices in your head? For the premiere of Inside Out, we experienced a fun family moment with Riley, the film’s lead character, while she experiences these feelings. We enjoyed meeting the characters Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader) and Disgust (Mindy …

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Tutti Frutti


The sunny season is on it’s way. It ‘s time to get your fill of vitamins by biting into juicy fruits or enjoying them in delicious salads, smoothies or compotes. Miss A is ready! In her colored string bag are oranges for freshly squeezed juice in the morning and in my bag are a variety of fruits for a special …

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Happy Children’s Day! It’s Kodomo no Hi Day!


Today we are busy making mochi and celebrating Children’s Day with DIY flying carp fish kites for each child in the family! In Japan, May 5th is officially known as Children’s Day, こどもの日, or Kodomo no Hi and it is also a public holiday. For Kodomo no Hi, kids hang colorful carp kites based upon an ancient Chinese legend in …

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