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DIY: Cloud and Lighting Shirt

DIY T-Shirt Orage

*Here is a DIY contribution from Mamagamy! You can find more of her DIY activities on instagram at mamagamy or on Yoyo Mom. Here is a simple and fast tutorial that can be made by fans of DIY or even beginners that would just like to enjoy a fun arts and crafts activity.  This Cloud and Lightning t-shirt will be ideal for adding …

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DIY T-Shirt for Daddy

*Here is a special Father’s Day from Mamagamy! You can find more of her DIY activities on instagram at mamagamy or on Yoyo Mom. For all super Dads, this personalised DIY can be made with endless possibilities.  Following the name theme, you can make this personalised t-shirt with iron on felt. Here is an example with two names (because I have two children), but you can …

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DIY Happy Days Banner

When I was little, each day of my birthday, my mother decorated the dining room with a party banner.  Today, for my children, we also hang up a banner every year. For the past few years, I’ve shopped some beautiful birthday banners at My Little Day. But this year, I’ve decided to make my very own DIY banner (at the last …

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DIY Pirate Plate

DIY assiette pirate

*Here is the third contribution from Mamagamy! You will find a few of her very cool DIY activities on her Instagram account: mamagamy and you can also view her DIY projects on Yoyo Mom here. For all of our young, picky eaters and also for our kids who eat everything, here is a fun and easy DIY Pirate Plate project. As my son is a big pirate fan, I decided to …

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We Are Knitters Free Giveaway

We are Knitters Concours Free Giveaway

Over the past couple of years, Yoyo Mom has become a big fan of knitting and the DIY kids We are Knitters. The kits propose practical and creative projects for beginners and also advanced knitters to make themselves by hand.  The instructions are easy to understand and the results are beautiful and inspiring. At WAK, there are not only knitting kits, but also crochet …

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DIY Name Necklace

DIY collier pour maman

*Here is a contribution from the DIY master Mamagamy! You will find a few of her very fun DIY activities on her Instagram account at mamagamy! Calling all Super Moms! Here is a fun, personal and personalised DIY necklace. No, this is not your average macaroni necklace, but rather a necklace that will involve Dad’s helping hands (and not the little ones) in order to make it. And for those male counter …

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Sweet Dreams Little Ones: DIY Night Light

DIY veilleuse

*Here is a contribution from the very talented  Mamagamy! You will find a few of her very cool DIY activities on her Instagram account: mamagamy! For your children who love to sleep and also for those who find bedtime not so easy, here is an adorable night light that is very easy to make, with simple materials and a dose of creativity. My son wanted a polar bear, but …

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DIY Easter Candy Carrot Holders

DIY Easter carrot candy holder

Easter is just a few days away and if you are looking for an easy DIY activity for parents and kids, these cute paper carrot candy holders will do just the trick! Even if your children aren’t big fans of carrots, they will surely find these colourful veggies (filled with candy or small surprises) delicious! 😉 What you will need: orange and green A4 …

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Knitting Inspirations #BigKnit

The Big Knit

This year, just like last year, we participated in the Innocent Big Knit Campaign.  So what is this all about?  The entire public is invited to knit small little hats for a good cause.  Even if you do not know how to knit, you can simply follow a few online tutorials here.  We have been having a lot of fun viewing …

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A roudoudou for you! – DIY Recipe For Kids

So what exactly is a roudoudou?  According to Wiktionary, “a roudoudou is a candy consisting of hard caramel cast in a shell.” These old school sweets just happen to be the candy that all parents and grandparents in France remember when they were kids. Nowadays, the roudoudou sea shells tend to contain colourful artificial hard candy instead of caramel and they are more …

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