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Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments


This weekend we started to get out the Christmas tree ornaments to decorate our tree.  In order to get the entire family involved we decided to make a few simple DIY Christmas ornaments that the kids can easily do themselves to offer as gifts and to also decorate our own tree!  With just four  materials and about 5 to 10 …

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DIY Recipe: Mini Chicken Heart Pies

Recipe DIY Chicken heart pies

Oh baby it’s cold outside! When winter weather is in full swing, there’s nothing better than a hot meal to fill up the tummy and warm the heart. Here is a recipe that is fun to make with the little ones. These delicious mini chicken heart pies can also be made in advance and thrown in the freezer. The small …

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New Year’s Eve with Kids

Nouvel an avec enfants

So…. what are you doing for New Year’s Eve? This is the eternal question that everyone asks towards the end of December. Celebrating with kids is always a slightly different party than ceebrating with adults only.   So if you are celebrating 2021 with the family, friends and kids, here are a few inspirations for bringing in the Kid Friendly …

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DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

When offering gifts to others, one of the most important things can be the presentation!  The art of presenting a gift in a unique and special way can make each surprise even better.  Often, the best gift wrappings are personalised and simple. This makes them beautiful and original.  There are several gift wrapping inspirations on Pinterest and also on the internet in …

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The Best Puzzles for Kids & Adults

Urban Outfitters Puzzle

Have you fallen into the puzzle craze lately? It happens to be one of the best non-screen family time activities to participate in while at home. It’s easy to do a puzzle while spending quality time together. Whether a parent with a young child, pre-teens or teenagers, there are so many puzzles for all ages and tastes. Several popular puzzle …

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DIY Fabric Face Mask with Filter

DIY masque protection

Over the past week (or two or three to be), I have tried and tested several DIY face masks from the internet including Magali Thiébaud’s mask, Lisa Gachet’s mask and also the Forbes face mask. Several members of my family and also a few friends have been making masks to donate to hospitals, retirement homes and also local supermarkets. At …

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Free Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults #StayAtHome

Je reste chez moi

As we are currently staying at home, I would like to share some fun colouring activities for kids found on the world wide web. Several cool artists have generously published free printables to color. Click on the links of each artist to download their artwork. We are big fans of OMY colouring products and we normally stock up on their …

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Spring Gardening with Kids


Spring is an excellent month for growing plants from seeds.  The weather is usually a bit warmer and the sun starts peeking out easily to greet baby plants.  We wanted our kids to experience Spring gardening with easy to grow plants. These plants tend to grow faster and the results can be observed within days. If you are stuck indoors, …

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DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet


It’s time to make our very own friendship bracelets! Do you remember the CrazLooms craze? It was a big hit, but quickly disappeared. The advantage with embroidery string bracelets, is that they are never ever out of fashion! We love Hipanema‘s cool bracelets which are made with inspirational beads and embroidery. Today, we also want to make our very own special DIY bracelets …

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Chinese Shrimp Dumplings Recipe

For a delicious meal we love to make dumplings with the entire family. When folding wonton style dumplings we are able to relax and spend a pleasurable moment with the kids, the parents, friends, the grandparents… basically, everyone together! Dumplings are very easy to make and it’s also possible to add a personal touch to each recipe.  You can stuff dumplings with …

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