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Borny Baby Gear Free Giveaway!

Borny Free Giveaway

At the previous Playtime Paris, we fell in love with the adorable brand BORNY! Following the international children’s & maternity trade show, we were extremely honored to be able to offer Playtime visitors, brands, and the general public the chance to vote for their favorite baby products. Among three amazing products including a Babyzen stroller, Minois baby beauty products and the Borny stroller liner, …

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Cat Addict: For the love of cats…

Chi the Cat

Over the past few years, Miss A’s passion for cats in all its forms remains strong. As a cat lover, she has even developed a sort of cat detector. When we enter into a shop, I can be sure that she’ll unearth any sort of object that represents her favorite animal! I also have to admit that I am find this cat attraction rather cute and even on …

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Cactus is the new Pineapple

Cactus Trend

In 2015, the pineapple was everywhere. We totally love Goodnight Light’s iconic Piña Colada Lamp and there really is nothing as pretty as a pineapple! Until… the CACTUS came along!  The cactus has officially become the new pineapple. Suddenly, there is nothing as cute as a cactus. These super, low maintenance succulents are not only inspiring interior design, but they are also infiltrating fashion clothes and accessories for …

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That Cosy Feeling

OYOY Bedroom

Cold winter weather equals cuddling up on the sofa and feeling cosy.  One good idea for refreshing up your child’s bedroom includes shopping for decorative pillows. There are so many adorable cushions on the market that are ideal for bedrooms and even living rooms.  Kids love snuggling with pillows, so why not enjoy decorating your child’s bedroom and adding a bit of cosiness at the same …

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Where to Find That Extra Special Gift…

Little Citizens Boutique

It’s rare to find that extra special shop where everything (and I mean each and everything) is so cute that you want to buy the entire shop up! With Little Citizens Boutique this is just the case. Each product is carefully selected and conveniently all under one roof in order to provide clients with extra special gifts that cannot be …

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Sale Selection: Time to redecorate!

The Winter Sales are the perfect opportunity to relook our interiors by shopping up a few special items that we would not necessarily buy at full price. Whether it be some adorable pillows, a designer chair, a rug or even wallpaper, we are ready to shop a few items at some of our favorite online shops.  Enjoy our sale selection and you may also be …

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Winter Mood Inspiration


Baby it’s getting cold outside and during the  holidays it’s easy to get the cold, winter blues. Here is a bit of end of the year inspiration to get you in the happy mood for the upcoming new year! A DIY Fairy Light jar to add a bit of magic and brighten up the room when natural daylight hours are …

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Musical Gift Ideas for Kids


Music is always a reoccurring theme when shopping for holiday gifts. The kids often enjoy playing clapping and singing games after school and during recess. At the moment, Cups is a common song that has gone viral for elementary school kids. Some of our favorite holiday hits include Jingle Bells, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, Up on the Housetop… Walking …

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A Holiday Gift for the Entire Family

Koguma tirelire Coq en pâte

I am currently being solicited by family members for a list of gift ideas for the kids.  I prefer to say, “No, the kids don’t need anything.” However, I know that most family members will insist on giving a gift.   If you have ever found yourself in the same situation, here is an original gift idea especially for families with two or …

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Etsy Christmas Selection

Etsy Christmas Selection

Inspired by vintage and handmade objects, I’ve decided to put together some of my favorite Etsy shops for some good ol’ Christmas gift inspiration.  Etsy has so many vendors that it can be easy to get lost, but it is definitely worth spending some time and patience to search Etsy to find that extra special unique object.  Do  you have any favorite shops or objects from …

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