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Cat Addict: For the love of cats…

Over the past few years, Miss A’s passion for cats in all its forms remains strong. As a cat lover, she has even developed a sort of cat detector. When we enter into a shop, I can be sure that she’ll unearth any sort of object that represents her favorite animal! I also have to admit that I am find this cat attraction rather cute and even on special occasions including Christmas or a birthday, I always tend to give her one or two cat surprises. Here is a small “Cat Addict” selection. If Miss A already has some of these articles, her mom must have definitely fallen for her charm! Now, I’m just waiting for the Summer sales to begin to shop a few more cat items! 😉

Black Cat Pens from HappyKiwiGifts


Retro Cats Sketchbook by Eeboo
Retro Cats Sketchbook by Eeboo

T-shirt Britney White Watercat Finger in the Nose Finger in the Nose Cat Shirt

Short Trinity Summer Black CatFinger in the Nose Cat Shorts


Des Petits Hauts
POPUPSHOP Cat Sweatshirt Noir at SMALLable


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