Cactus Trend

Cactus is the new Pineapple

In 2015, the pineapple was everywhere. We totally love Goodnight Light’s iconic Piña Colada Lamp and there really is nothing as pretty as a pineapple! Until… the CACTUS came along!  The cactus has officially become the new pineapple. Suddenly, there is nothing as cute as a cactus. These super, low maintenance succulents are not only inspiring interior design, but they are also infiltrating fashion clothes and accessories for kids and adults alike.  This doesn’t mean that it’s time to say goodbye to the pineapple, but it certainly means that its time to say, “HELLO CACTUS!”.  We hope you enjoy our green and natural cactus inspired selection of goods.

Favorite Shop

Les Succulents Cactus is a beautiful Paris shop dedicated to these gorgeous plants both big and small. Conveniently niched in the Haute Marais, we love visiting this shop even if it’s just for inspiration.

Les Succulents Cactus
111 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris
01 48 87 07 18


Antique cactus print

Antique 1800s Cactus Chart Art Print, 16,79€

IWWI Kit suspension Macramé
IWWI Kit suspension Macramé – Aloé, 22€

Serax Cactus Vase
Cactus Vases by Marie Michielssen, from 22,50€

Cactus Banner by Guimo

GUIMO Cactus Banner, 25€


Goodnight Light Cactus Lamp

Goodnight Light Cactus Lamp, 99€

April Eleven Cactus Lamp

APRIL ELEVEN Cactus Wall Lamp, 65€


Cactus Cushions, from 22,59€

Party Time

My Little Day - cactus party

MY LITTLE DAY Cactus Party Supplies, from 5€


My Little Day Cactus Pinata, 24€

Kids Fashion


BILLY BANDIT Raccoon Baby Pajamas, £38


TINY COTTONS Cactus Graphic Tank Top, 25€ & TINY COTTONS Crazy Garden Pants, 25€

PÈPÈ Cactus Slip On

PÈPÈ Cactus Slip Ons, 55€ (-30%) 38,50€ Indikidual Yellow Cactus Print Sweatshirt

INDIKIDUAL Yellow Print Cactus Sweatshirt, 48€

popupshop cactus swimsuit

POPUPSHOP Cactus Swimsuit, £24 £12

Motoreta Cactus Shirt

MOTORETA Havana Cactus Shirt, $53

Gold Belgium cactus dress

GOLD BELGIUM Cactus Kiro and Flowers Dress63,33€ (-20%) 50,67€

Hartford Cactus ShirtHARTFORD Human Cactus Top, 60,83€

MACON & LESQUOY Embroidered cotton cactus

MACON & LESQUOY Embroidered Cotton Cactus Brooch, 18€

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