Bunny Baby Fashion and Gifts for Easter!

Easter is coming up and some bunny loves you. Although babies are too young to indulge in chocolates, maybe you still want to celebrate and spoil your baby nonetheless with some Easter inspired duds.  Sometimes the chocolate overload can also be too much for your kids. Here are a few Easter theme gifts to celebrate the holiday without spoiling your appetite!

Easter Gifts for Baby

JELLYCAT Bedtime Bunny Musical Box / J.CREW Liberty Claire Aude Baby Dress SUPERNANA Rabbit Rattle / STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Bunny Romper / LITTLE CLOUD Liberty Rabbit Cushion / OEUF NYC Bunny Hoodie / BONTON Rabbit /  HOLZTIGER Wooden Rabbit /  DONNA WILSON FOR JOHN LEWIS Rabbit T-Shirt / EASY PEASY Shearling Booties

Easter Gifts for Girls


QUENOTTE Fleece Rabbit Sweatshirt / MY LITTLE DAY 8 Rabbit Masks / NANOBLOCK Rabbit / KIGU Pink Rabbit Onesie / ANNE KURRIS Rabbit Dress / Sweat Floppy MILK ON THE ROCKS / TROUSSELIER Musical Wooden Box Angel Rabbit / EMILE & IDA Rabbit Overalls

Easter Gifts for Boys


KIABI Rabbit Glasses / The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams LITTLE ELEVEN PARIS Bugs Bunny T-Shirt / BEAU LOVES Rabbit Raglan Sweat at Milly Mog / POPUPSHOP Forrest Sweat Pants / KIKKERLAND Bunny Buddy Ear Buds / NOODOLL Rice Turnip Doll at This Modern Life / COLLEGIEN Rabbit Slippers at ParkLifeKids / BECKY BAUER Rabbit Pillow at This Modern Life

Main Image: SYLVANIAN Baby Milk Rabbit / EASY PEASY Ronron Messenger Bunny Bag /  KIGU Pink Rabbit Onesie / NANOBLOCK Rabbit / BANG BANG COPENHAGEN Polka Rabbit Face Chambray

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