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Enjoy a Pancake Party with Breakfast by Carrie

Meet Carrie Solomon.  Franco-American, Food Photographer Extraordinaire, Mom, Food Lover and Chef.  She has currently begun cooking up delicious breakfasts at La Conserverie in Paris.  Come and enjoy Breakfast by Carrie during the vacation holiday with your kids!  Kids can decorate their your pancakes at Breakfast by Carrie for 6€ including 3 pancakes and decorations from 8:30 – 11:00 Monday through Friday until October 31, 2013.

La Conserverie
37 rue du Sentier 75002
01 40 26 14 94

We sat down with Carrie for an interview to learn more about what she does and who she is.

Are you a Mom? Yes. I have two girls, 6 months and 30 months.

Breakfast with Carrie La Conserverie

Describe your typical day.
Lately I get up around 6:15 after hitting snooze once and settling Little E in next to her daddy. (I’m still co-sleeping. It’s great because I can spend extra time cuddling with her as I see her less now that I’m back to work.) Turning the coffee pot on is my first priority. Next I jump in the shower. When I come out I  read the news and my emails quickly with a cup of coffee. I tip toe back to my room to get dressed and try not to wake anyone (thank goodness for the iPhone flashlight). I then sit down with another cup of coffee and make a drawing for my oldest daughter. Lately there are lots of squares, triangles and stars as she is really into forms. I write a quick note for Olivier my husband and I’m usually out the door after another cup of coffee and minimal make-up. Olivier has both girls in the morning now until 8:30 when the nanny arrives for Little E (we have a nanny who we share with our neighbor) and he drops Little M off at preschool. By 7:30 I arrive at La Conserverie, which is a 10 minute walk down the street. It takes me about an hour to pull my hair up in a bun, set up, knead bread, and prepare pancake batter.

For the next couple hours I cook: eggs, pancakes, and hashbrowns. My friend Marie is helping me out so we get to chat as we work. Usually we talk about our kids and our work. She designs adorable kids clothes. Sometimes I take photos for her and in exchange she helps me on certain projects.

Once breakfast is over I clean up and head home. I nurse Little E and then I write a few emails. I make a quick lunch if I haven’t eaten already at the restaurant. I’m eating lots of kale as I’m serving it with breakfast. Today I’m making a salad with kale, tuna, sunflower seeds and a little mayo. My afternoons are different each day. Monday and Thursday I write, take photos, set up meetings or see an exhibition. Tuesdays I often prep at the restaurant. Wednesdays I spend helping out at Little M’s preschool and Fridays I have Little E. I’m getting the schedule down, but it’s a little hectic.  Today I forgot I had Little E for the afternoon and had to cancel a meeting. At 5:00 I pick up Little M from preschool and then I’m home at 5:30 to let Little E nanny go home. Sometimes I go for a walk with the girls and pick up a few groceries or we head to the park or we just stay in. Little M eats dinner at 7:00 and Little E is starting to eat fruit and veggie purées now too.  I make purées in the evening and freeze small portions in ice cube trays.  Little M often eats a grain such as bulgur or quinoa along with a little protein, some vegetables and a yogurt or applesauce. Sometimes during dinner we Skype with my mom- it’s her lunchtime or Little M watches 15 minutes of a film (Dumbo is her favorite lately). After dinner it’s bathtime. I get Little M in and wash her first and then it’s Little E’s turn. They love to be in the bath together. After the girls are in pajamas we usually go in their room and read books while Little M drinks a big bottle and Little E nurses. At this point Olivier often comes home and reads as well  until bedtime which is around 8:30.

At 9:00 I have a glass of wine and throw together a quick dinner as Olivier and I rehash our days. Around 9:30, if all goes well we have dinner. After cleaning up dinner and kid stuff we are usually in bed by 11:00. Phew. I read the news again and am fast asleep within minutes.

How did you start cooking? I started cooking when I moved to Paris around 10 years ago. I was an au pair and a part of my responsibility was to cook for the family.

What inspires or motivates you? Cooking? Photography? Your family? All of the above. Since having kids I feel extra inspired. Short on time, but super driven.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? Hmmm. My own restaurant where I  serve breakfast and lunch and can pick the kids up after school. Maybe another child…. Probably still in France but who knows – we talk about going to the States at some point too.

Can you recommend any good places for babies and kids in Paris? Pancake decorating at La Conserverie! On Wednesdays and during school holidays.

Breakfast with Carrie La Conserverie

Breakfast with Carrie La Conserverie

Breakfast with Carrie La Conserverie

 Your essentials (beauty, working utensils…)? Hair ties and pins for my bun, rose essential oil, my Canon, a black and white striped apron.

Your favorite books? I’m hoping to read the next Laura Kasischke once it’s out in English. She is from Michigan too. I’ve read almost everything by Haruki Murakami, Lorrie Moore, Jumpa Lahiri  When I’m feeling nostalgic for the states its John Updike, John Cheever and Jim Harrison. Lately my own books have pushed pleasure reading to the side. I have a children’s recipe book coming out in December. It’s called “Food Face”(Soberscove Press) and its a boardbook that brings toddlers into the process of cooking through humor and creative engagement. I have another book, Une Américaine à Paris,” (La Martinière)  coming out next spring. As you can probably guess, it’s about American food! For the French!

Food Face by Carrie Solomon

Your favorite food? Too many. But lately it’s a draw between bonito sashimi and a spicy pasta with kale, bacon and anchovies. I also go through serious taco and caesar salad phases and seem to only eat barbecue when I’m in the States.

Thanks Carrie!

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