Bonton Pop-Art-Look

Street Art Look

I always love to see Miss A dressed in colorful clothes.  Her skin tone, unlike mine, is beautiful in punchy, bright colors.  I love dressing her in golden yellow, neon pink, aqua green …

It’s been a while since I discovered the graffiti wall on the rue Ordener in Paris (18th area) and I wanted to come back to photograph Miss A.

A few days later, we came back to walk along this wall. Miss A glided her hand along the while and stopped to look at each and every detail. A sweet ol’ lady walked by and muttered, ” They’ll sure be pretty good pictures.” It seems that even the older generations are sensitive to color and Street Art … 😉

Paris is full of golden nuggets…  just open your eyes wide and you’ll find them…

Miss A wears a Film Printed Skirt, a Jersey Tank and an Openwork Cardigan all from Bonton.

On her feet, the imbattable Salt-Water Original Sandals. Miss A also wears a pair of Very French Gangsters Very Pilote Sunglasses.

Her hairstyle is homemade 😉 !




Bonton Girls Fashion





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