Bonton at the Beach!

Several of you are not yet on vacation and haven’t even thought about packing your suitcases for this Summer.  Perhaps you’re missing a few items for your kids including a swimsuit or other fun accessories.  If you are in need of a few indispensable items for this Summer on the beach or elsewhere, shopping at Bonton is just perfect… and also the Summer Sales are still going on!

Here is our Yoyo Mom x Bonton Must-Have Summer Vacation List!

An adorable suitcase for your kids to organize small toys, books and other games for traveling while on the train, in the car, or in the airplane.  Perfect for also hiding little surprises for Summer Vacation!

Bonton valise enfant

A colorful skateboard for cruising in the city or along the seaside…


A panda case and small bottles for traveling light with shampoo, conditioner, or sun cream and also an adorable assortment of panda plasters for small cuts and bruises this Summer…



Girly shiny heart and star glitter hair clips for adding a touch of sun to the hair…

barrette-bontonA super cute bunny night light for keeping calm and relaxing during naptime and bedtime…


A colorful String Bag for the Farmer’s Market or for beach toys.

Bonton sac

The Toucan bag, large enough for a beach towel and other pool and beach accessories.

Bonton sac

An Ascot Hat or a baseball style cap for keeping small faces safe from the sun.

Bob Hat Bonton

casquette-bontonLast but not least, the perfect frilly Bonton Kinismock Bikini bottom in Sunny Yellow , Trancoso Blue, or Leopard Print!

maillot-de-bain-bontonHappy Summer Holidays!

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