Bonton Baby Shower

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Whenever I need to get a baby gift, images of my nephew and niece come to mind. For my nephew, the first child of the family, I carefully selected each present. For my niece, the Bonton shop on rue Filles du Calvaire had just opened and I fell completely under the spell of this new boutique for baby and child. I fell in love with an adorable baby outfit and a rattle. My niece is born in December, but one of my favorite baby gifts for babies born in the Spring, is to offer a sweet cotton sunhat that Bonton brings out each and every spring in various new colors. I used this hat so much on Miss A and I find that it gives all babies a great little look 🙂 So if you would like to follow my advice, if you are looking to spoil a future mom, take a look at the Bonton Baby Collections, either online or in stores. This is what Jaimee will be doing before heading out to LA this summer, because one of her friends is expecting a happy event and she’s throwing a baby shower! It’s a safe bet to say that her friend will love her gift from Bonton that’s so Frenchy 😉 !

Since we are in the mood for babies, we had fun with Jaimee comparing our favorite baby names of the moment. Jaimee loves the name Emilio and I love Rosie for a little girl and Gabin for a little boy. And you, what is your first absolute favorite name of the moment?

Bonton baby shower

Bonton Baby Shower

Newborn Set – V-neck T-Shirt – Baby’s Touch

Bonton Baby Shower

Rabbit Bib – Cloud Bodysuit – Stitch Overalls

Bonton cadeaux bébé

Mamour Newborn Blouse – Thin Stitch Cardigan

Bonton Baby Shower

Enfantines book by Marie-Claire Bruley and Lya Tourn (available in Bonton shops)

Bonton Baby Shower

Newborn Socks – Bonton Wooden Rattle – 2015 Badge

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