Bobo Choses – A Day in L.A.

Each season we are very curious to see what Bobo Choses has in store for us.  This brand never seizes to amaze us with their creative sensibility for kid’s fashion. With original prints and designs, we love the free and playful spirit of Bobo Choses and are seduced by their universe. With their new Fall Winter 2014 collection, we receive an invitation to travel to Los Angeles!  As half of our Yoyo Mom team is native Californian, we definitely can relate to the L.A. feeling in this collection! From Hollywood, to Echo Park, to Venice Beach and even Disneyland, Bobo Choses makes us want to visit Los Angeles and even more so, get our hands on their new collection!!

Bobo Choses - A Day in LA

BOBO CHOSES Bobo Choses - A Day in LA

Bobo Choses - A Day in LA

Bobo Choses - A Day in LA

A Day in L.A.

In the morning at Echo Park,
vain palm trees look at themselves
in the mirroring waters, while swans
praise them for their hairstyles.

At noon on Sunset Boulevard,
cartoons take a break from the screens
and birds that go for a walk
take off their hats to greet each other.

What I saw is what I say
it’s just a day in L.A.

In the evening, at the movie theatre,
a giant peanut shushes a couple of fur coats
that won’t let him listen to the film’s dialogues
because they don´t stop chatting.

At night, over the skies of Venice Beach,
stars that weren’t featured in the movies
show off their best splendour
hoping to pass the casting.

What I saw is what I say
it’s just a day in L.A.

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