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5 Must-Have Beauty Products for Babies & Kids

Did you ever use beauty products when you were a child? Besides the shampoo Johnson’s and Johnson’s No More Tears, I can hardly seem to recall any products used during my childhood. Today, everything has changed! There are several bath and beauty products on the market for babies and kids. Now that I’m a Mom, I find that it’s never too early to learn good hygiene and have healthy habits of being clean.  Therefore, I decided to test a few bath and body products for our little ones. More and more brands are developing products specifically for children. Most criteria remains the same: bio and natural.

Here are a few suggestions of  good quality, independent brands and their must-have products.


1. Enfance
Founder Agnès Laffourcade, presents an entire range of specifically formulated products for different age groups: 0 to 3 years old, 3 to 8 years old, and 8 to 12 years old. 100% bio and 100% made in France. I love the cute soaps with integrated ribbons.

Enfance Paris

2. La Langerie

The Gel Douceur is a must-have. I love the clean smelling fragrance so much that I also find the perfumed candles ideal for adding to the living room or bathroom. The subtle, calming fragrance has clean written all over it.

La Langerie

3. Minois

I use the baby cream as hand cream.  It is the most popular product of the brand. At the moment, Minois has just launched a fun, new collaboration with illustrator Mathilde Cabanes. This set of three scented candles makes the perfect gift for Mom and kids.

Minois Gentle Cream

Minois x Mathilde Cabanes


4. Bloom and Blossom

British brand Bloom and Blossom makes special products for Moms and their babies.  The Baby Balm is very useful for massages, hydrating after the bath and also for after changing diapers. Bloom and Blossom just launched a unique collaboration with The Roald Dahl Story Company: the Bath, Book & Bedtime range. This collection is very successful for girls and especially boys.

Bloom and Blossom baby balm
5. Linea MammaBaby

Made in Italy, Linea MammaBaby originates from the pharmaceutical world. I always carry a pack of Salvettine wipes in my purse even if it’s not for baby. 😉 It’s practical, organic and good.

Linea MammaBaby Baby Wipes

A few other brands that I am interested in testing include Wash With Water Organics,  Charlotte Baby Bio, and Daylily Paris.








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