Little Eleven Paris & Melijoe

Bambi Fever – Little Eleven Paris x Melijoe Kids Collection

It’s interesting to see how certain brands use Disney icons and make them cool and fashionable without being over the top.  People who would normally not want to wear anything Disney can somehow easily fall in love with brands including Atsuyo & Akiko and Eleven Paris.


Kids and adults alike are also finding themselves wearing Little Eleven Paris and Eleven Paris, the brand known for using pop culture icons.

Little Eleven Paris & Disney

Little Eleven Paris & Disney

Recently in fashion we have noticed the Bambi Boom! Born in 1942, Bambi made a huge comeback with the Givenchy Women’s Show last February.


Of course, these products were for women and the budget is perhaps a bit steep, but now we can be delighted with the upcoming collaboration with Melijoe & Little Eleven Paris for our kids.  Our kids will have the opportunity to sport the Bambi look at a much more affordable price with the exclusive collection available at Melijoe in March! We must admit, we are Disney fans… and Bambi is pretty darn cute.



To order the Little Eleven Paris x Melijoe Bambi kids collection, you can already sign up online here to be notified when it’s available!

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