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Since the birth of my kids, I’ve been keeping a few small, but precious souvenirs to share with them when they are all grown up. Some special objects include the baby book, the first lock of hair, a foot print, the birth announcement, the first baby tooth, and also a few home videos and photos stored on a USB key.

I recently brought out some of my keepsakes and am amazed by how quickly time has passed.  It’s definitely worth it to guard these memories for the future.  It hasn’t been easy to make this sort of baby box and keep it organized, but later on it will all be worth it.

Today, I am offering a very special souvenir to my baby niece. The adorable cloud bracelet and scarf by Titlee and Sweetcase will surely be used now and also kept for later. The mustard yellow comfort scarf is gorgeous with printed abstract clouds. I would be tempted to use it for myself as a scarf or headband and also of course for diaper changing or as a blankie.  This gift has a long life as the bracelet is adjustable for newborns and then for little girls up to 8-9 years old.  I hope the Titlee x Sweetcase Birth Gift Set (in limited edition) will bring back some sweet memories for my niece later on.

Are you going to be a mom or do you have a friend who is expecting? Sweetcase also makes adorable maternity suitcases with a gorgeous assortment of original printed linens and essentials. It’s definitely work checking out!


Piqpoq Baby Book – Baby Birth Announcement – First Tooth in Small Bottle – Baby Hair – Hello Kitty USB Key with Videos & Photos – Hospital ID Bracelet –Sweetcase x Titlee Delicate Birth Gift





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