Anna Emilia Artist Jacadi

Interview with Artist Anna Emilia

We recently discovered the fascinating universe of Anna Emilia at Jacadi.  Jacadi will feature the beautiful illustrations of Anna Emilia on a capsule collection for their upcoming Fall Winter 2013 Collections.  Anna Emilia‘s paintings and illustrations reflect her special relationship to nature. We could not resist taking a deeper look into Anna Emilia‘s work and find out who she is and where she comes from.  

What’s a Mom?
Mom is a miracle. She is someone who has always time, enough hands, solutions, and love.

Anna Emilia Artist Jacadi
If you are not a mom, what do you imagine it to be like?
It must be less sleep and more work. It is about thinking about others over yourself, loving and adventuring in everyday life with uphills becoming smiles afterwards.

Anna Emilia Artist Jacadi

What inspires or motivates you?
Nature brings always calmness to my days. It is lovely to live in a place where the nature is all around you, even middle of a city. Friends and family inspires me too and also music. The music can happen anywhere, in raindrops or through wind if the radio is not on.

Anna Emilia Artist Jacadi

What made you interested in illustrating for babies and kids?
Illustrating to different groups, that being for example the age, makes me to think in a new way, to see through eyes of someone else. Fairy-tales can be as well for adults as children, they just must be made in children’s limits. But there is their whole imagination to use and treat.

Anna Emilia Artist Jacadi

What are your dreams?
Traveling shorter and longer trips, staying healthy, being able to enjoy what I do and being able to see.

Anna Emilia Artist Jacadi

Any good tips or places that you recommend in Finland or Iceland for Mom?
Nature is the best place to experience in both countries. You can walk and see so much even on shorter trips. In Finland and Iceland the nature is always around you. 

Any good tips or places that you recommend in Finland or Iceland for kids?
The nature. Being outdoors is good for everyone. There is not bad weather, only bad clothes. Fresh air makes you smile.

Anna Emilia Artist Jacadi

Thank you Anna Emilia!


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