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With a soft spot for Hawaii and all things Aloha, it’s fun to see the latest trend of Hawaiian inspired clothing and accessories hitting the kids fashion scene. From Stella McCartney’s tongue and cheek trompe l’oeil styles to sober allover floral prints for boys and girls, there are pieces for all tastes.

For Girls

Hawaiian style Girls Fashion Trend

MERI MERI Flower Garland, 15€ / CHLOÉ Flowered Playsuit Blue, 95,83€ / RIFLE PAPER CO Hawaii Poster (28×35 cm), 33€ / SUNCHILD Mauii Hawaii Swimsuit, 55€ / SCOTCH & SODA Palm Tress Espadrilles, 47,50€ / STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Gray Striped Hawaiian Dress, 60,49€ /  SPRING COURT Velcro Trainers49,17€ (-30%) 34,42 € / MOLO KIDS Fruits Top, 39€ / LOUIS LOUISE “Cool” Embroidered Basket, 39€ /  MAYORAL Striped Swimsuit, 29€ / FINGER IN THE NOSE Sunblade Palm Trees Cap, 30€ / BOPY Elipse Sandals, 10,50€

Hawaiian style boys Fashion TrendBASS & BASS Guitar 23€ / LITTLE MARC JACOBS Tropical Cap, 35€ / TINY COTTONS Sandals, 63€ / SCOTCH & SODA Printed Flowered Windbreaker, 95,83€ / OBFIVE Cruiser Skateboard 28″ – Tropica RRP, 121,66€ / AMERICAN OUTFITTERS Hawaii T-shirt42€ (-40%) 25,20€ / COQ EN PATE Organic Whale Mibo Backpack, 35€ /  BODEN Printed T-Shirt, 18€ / MOLO Niko Suft Boardies, $56 / JAPAN RAGS Hawaiibo Distressed T-Shirt, 32,50€ / ROCKEFELLA Hawaii Swim Shorts31€ 18,60€

In Hawaii, one of the most traditional and well known fashion styles is the Hawaiian shirt or the Aloha shirt. This is a short sleeve button down allover floral print shirt. According to Dale Hope, author of the book The Aloha Shirt – Spirit of the Islands he feels that “Aloha puts into one word the warm sense of greeting, love and playfulness for which Hawaii is well known.”  Hope expresses that, “We as a population actually don’t wear Aloha Shirts as much as we all used to, and it’s interesting to see how people in places like Europe are now starting to be influenced by the colorful history as they interpret our vintage Hawaiian prints.”  Perhaps it is this feeling that has inspired some European fashion designers to add a bit of Hawaii style to their Spring Summer collections.

If you are a fan of Aloha inspired fashion, here are a few awesome local Hawaiian designers you may want to check out.


Wimini Kids Fashion

Reyn Spooner

Reyn Spooner


Manuheali'i keiki shirt

Big Bad Wolf Kids

Big Bad Wolf Kids

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