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Advent Calendar Gifts & Surprises

Each year,  just before the month of December, we always find ourselves rushing to find the best Advent Calendar to count the days until Christmas.  For kids, this makes every day extra special when discovering a new surprise. For parents in a rush, it’s often most easy to buy a ready made calendar from the supermarket. But today, the trend is moving towards DIY calendars as well as chocolate alternative calendars.  For advent calendars that are made to reuse every year, it can be a challenge to find new and somewhat inexpensive surprises for each day. Here is our selection of ready-to-go Advent Calendars as well as 24 gift ideas for reusable advent calendars. Enjoy!

Advent Calendars

1. SCHLEICH Horse Club Advent Calendar 2. OMY Gourmet Drawing Calendar / 3. GIBSONS Merry Mischief puzzle advent calendar / 4. BRIO World Advent Calendar / 5. MAISON PLISSON Advent Calendar w/ photo by Martin Parr / 6. WONDERSHOP Holiday Punch Box Advent Calendar / 7. LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar  / 8. MERI MERI Festive House Paper Craft Advent Calendar / 9. NEUHAUS Classic Advent Calendar


Advent calendar gift ideas
1. DIY Candy Canes – just include red and white pipe cleaners w/ a small string for your kid to make! / 2. Gingerbread Men Crayons at Etsy / 3. DIY Hot Chocolate in a Bag – just add some cocoa powder, sugar and a few marshmallows for your child to enjoy warm hot chocolate! / 4. Limited Edition Christmas Sonny Angels / 5. Lego Mini Gingerbread Man / 6. LAURA’S Gingerbread Men Jellies / 7. JELLYCAT Birdling Robin Plush Toy  / 8. Plus-Plus Mini-Basic Blocks / 9. Pop Rocks / 10. MIMI & LULA Snow Queen Wand / 11. KIPOD Shadow Puppets / 12. Cotton Candy Snow Balls / 13. Mini Rubiks Cube, / 14. PACIFICA Coconut Cream Hand Sanitizer / 15.iconFrost the Snowman Bath Balm / 16. iconBananagrams Word Game / 17. CRAZY AARON’S Magnetic Thinking Putty / 18. LAURA’S Confectionery Fizzy Candy Canes / 19. SPIN MASTER Kinetic Sand Surprise / 20. VILAC Balloon Powered Boat / 21. JELLYCAT Mini Fossilly Triceratops Stuffed Animal / 22. SOSTRENE GRENE Bulles de savon / 23. Multicultural Crayola Crayons / 24. Pirouette Cacahouete My Marbles

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