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Each year,  just before the month of December, we always find ourselves rushing to find the best Advent Calendar to count the days until Christmas.  For kids, this makes every day extra special when discovering a new surprise. For parents in a rush, it’s often most easy to buy a ready made calendar from the supermarket. But today, the trend is moving towards DIY calendars as well as chocolate alternative calendars.  For advent calendars that are made to reuse every year, it can be a challenge to find new and somewhat inexpensive surprises for each day. Here is our selection of ready-to-go Advent Calendars as well as 24 gift ideas for reusable advent calendars! Enjoy!

Top 10 Advent Calendars

1. Wooden ring advent calendar at Selfridge’s, £57 2. Eric Carle’s Dream Snow Pop-Up Advent Calendar available at, $7.02. / 3. Calendrier d’Avent Fifi Mandirac / 4. La Mère de Famille x Kevin Lyons x Colette Calendrier chez Colette, 39€ / 5. Playmobil Advent Calendar at Amazon, $19.99. / 6. CHRONICLE BOOKS Yuletide Carolers Advent Calendar available at Alex and Alexa, 12€. / 7. Calendrier La Mère de Famille, 39€ 8. Lego City Advent Calendar available at Lego or on, $29.99. / 9. Lego Friends Advent Calendar (the alternative for girls) available at Lego or on, $29.99.icon / 10. Lego Star Wars Calendar at Toys R Us, $49.99.

24-advent-calendar-ideas1. DIY Candy Canes – just include red and white pipe cleaners w/ a small string for your kid to make! / 2. Gingerbread Men Crayons at Etsy, 15€. / 3. DIY Hot Chocolate in a Bag – just add some cocoa powder, sugar and a few marshmallows for your child to enjoy warm hot chocolate! / 4. Limited Edition Christmas Sonny Angels available at, $8.87. / 5. Lego Mini Gingerbread Man at, from $2.99. / 6. Lego Mini Holiday Elf at, from $2.99. / 7. Lego Pretzel Girl at, from $2.99.  / 8. Plus-Plus Mini-Basic 100 Blocks at Alex and Alexa or, 6€. / 9. Peppermint Pop Rocks at Blue Ribbon General Store, $1.25. / 10. Let It Snow at Perpetual Kid – For kids, having a little snow is always really cool while counting down to a white Christmas!, $5.99. / 11. Snappers at Amazon, $0.49. / 12. Tattyoo tattoos for kids / 13. Mini Rubiks Cube, $6.99 / 14. Numéro 74 Soft Camera Toy at Alexa and Alexa, 3,50€ / 15.iconRidley’s Glow in the Dark Stars at Alex and Alexa, 6€ / 16. iconRidley’s Magic Trick Cards at Alex and Alexa, 3,50€ / 17. Bullyland Farm Kid at Amazon, $3 / 18.  Prismacolor Water Color Pencils at BLICK, $12.29 / 19. Knitted Handwarmers at Alex and Alexa, 12€ / 20. Vilac Balloon Powered Boat at Amazon, $8.99 / 21. Jellycat Mini Reindeer at John Lewis, £7 / 22.  Mini Jungle at Georges Magazine, 14€ / 23. Multicultural Crayola Crayons at Amazon, from $3.81 / 24. Pirouette Cacahouete My Marbles in Sticks at Coq en Pâte, 5€icon

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