8 Products to Make Bath Time More Fun!

Over the past years, there are several new eco-friendly and organic products popping up on the market. These new and approved beauty products for little ones are fun to discover and test during bath time. As children, and especially babies, tend to have sensitive skin, most beauty brands these days use only natural ingredients specifically designed for young skin. I particularly love the emerging and independent brands, including Minois and Enfance, who have not only developed quality products, but also perfumes and smells evoking cleanliness and purity.

Other independent brands, such as Nailmatic, have expanded their range of washable, child-safe nail polish into a full line of bath bombs and fun shaped soaps. Another new brand, Ouate, made with love in France, has developed a range of skin care for children ages 4 – 11 years. I particularly like the Chantilly Lavante, playful and fun to enjoy in the bath without making eyes cry.

If you have any favorite bath products for kids to share, whether it’s a fun game, a unique bath soap or even a cosy towel for little ones, please leave a comment below and feel free to share your favorites!

OUATE Ma Chantilly Lavante – This easy to use whipped cream is recommended for children ages 4 – 11 years old. This chantilly is perfect for washing the body and hair on a daily basis while having fun.

Ouate ma chantilly lavante

WEE GALLERY Colour Me Bath Book – a picture book that is soft and easy to manipulate. When this book is exposed to water, whether in the bath, or with a paint brush, the colors will suddenly appear. Once dry, the colors will disappear like magic.

Wee Gallery Livre de bain

QUUT Jellyfish Bath Puzzle – 10 floating, recyclable and BPA free puzzle pieces that stick easily onto the side of a shower or bath when wet. Kids can spend quite a long time having fun with these jellyfish. Babies will also enjoy chewing on them!

QUUT Puzzle de bain pour enfant

ENFANCE My First Toothpaste – This natural toothpaste is made with organic green tea extract which helps to eliminate plaque without irritating the gums or teeth. The taste of strawberry (also rich in Vitamin C), will surely appeal to children ages 3 and up. At home, we like to brush our teeth in the bath. 😉

Enfance 1er Dentifrice pour enfants

NAILMATIC KIDS Magic box – The perfect way to discover the Nailmatic Kids brand is with these 7 very girly surprises. The Mousse Party (to use in the shower or bath & to wash hair and body) and the pastel Galaxy bath bomb will be a sure success.

Nailmatic Kids Magic Box

TINTI Bath Confetti & Kneading Soap – Tinti offers so many ways to enjoy bath time whether colouring your bath water or playing with confetti or kneading soap. This tried and tested brand is great for all ages.

SUNNY KIDS Bath Sponge – The Popsicle or Octopus sponge will surely make bath time more fun. These sponges are the ideal material for absorbing soap and gently cleaning your children.

Sunny Kids Eponge pour le bain

MINOIS Magic Balm – The everyday balm for all occasions that is also very useful after the bath. Made with all organic ingredients including arnica, immortelle flower, calendula and shea butter, this repairing balm is ideal for bruises, scrapes, bites and small burns. I like to keep a jar in my handbag and one in the bathroom.

MINOIS baume magique

You might also enjoy our DIY activity for making homemade bath bombs!

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