Feline Look

Feline Look

Mademoiselle A loves tigers ! Fortunately, this season’s fashion is full of printed roaring animals. Today, Mademoiselle A threw on her feline covered tee and complimenting tiger sneakers and ran to join her friends at the park!

Look Fille

 Cardigan (Last Season’s Collection) – from 62€ at Bonton / Tee – 10,95€ at Zara Kids / Slim Jeans – 75€ at Finger in the Nose / Knee Patches – from 5€ at BHV / Socks – from 10€ at Collégien / Tennis Shoes – 10 IS – 61€ at My Little Square or SMALLable.

Look FilleA huge thank you to 10 IS and Collégien!

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