Paris Outdoors with Kids


Are you looking for a GREEN place to visit with the kids? Where can you go to find nature in the big city? It’s still warm and the sunshine is peeking out, so what not enjoy it !? Here are a few ideas, inspirations and places to visit for a walk, to explore and breathe some fresh air when outdoors in …

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Back to School Fashion Must-Haves for this Fall

One of the best parts about September is the back to school clothes shopping! The Fall Winter season offers new collections full of cool fall and winter looks to dress our kids! GO GREEN After an endless summer vacation, running around in nature through the extra hot, heat wave temperatures, this was quite a wake up call to be more …

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Bobo Choses “We Cosmos” AW19 collection

Bobo Choses We Cosmos

The new Fall Winter 2019-2020 Bobo Choses “We Cosmos” collection is inspired by Benny Benson. In 1927, Benny Benson, a 13 year old orphan boy won a contest for designing the Alaskan territory flag. “Benny was awarded a watch with the flag emblem on it and $1.000 which he used to go to Engineering School. Like Benny did once, we …

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Our Favorite Backpacks for Kids of All Ages


We just got back from vacation and we have already shopped for all of the school supplies at the beginning of summer. But, hold on a second… the backpacks are old, they have a few holes or tears, and they will definitely not last the entire school year. So let’s try to find the perfect school bag for going back …

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Family-Friendly Restaurants in Paris


Esther from Babyccino recently asked me for a few family-friendly restaurant suggestions in Paris. As I started to respond to her message, I thought this information could be fun to share with everyone! Here are a few of Yoyo Mom’s favorite spots to dine in Paris for parents and kids together. The idea is to share a good meal in …

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Numéro 74 “Made By You” Collection

Numéro 74 Made My You Kits

Numéro 74 is full of love for high quality products that allow for imagination. This brand offers clients the possibility to create a beautiful and poetic children’s bedroom, with a true invitation to dream and travel. The “Made By You” concept has developed along this path, with the goal of sharing creativity and purpose. This summer, Number 74 launches creative …

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The Best of the Summer Sales for Mom and Kids

Summer Sales 2019

Whether you are in France, in Europe or anywhere else in the world, now is the time to shop! In order to find the best bargains and also the sweet spots to shop, don’t forget to consult Yoyo Mom’s list of shops. Are you lusting for anything in particular? Have you been eyeing a certain item since the launch of …

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The Best Swimsuits for Kids this Summer

Gardner and the Gang

This summer our main goal is to have fun under the sun! A few favorite warm weather memories include eating an ice cream on the beach, picnicking along the river or in the park, playing water games with a garden hose, and overall, those simple endless days that seem to last forever. Whether at the public swimming pool or on …

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8 Products to Make Bath Time More Fun!

Over the past years, there are several new eco-friendly and organic products popping up on the market. These new and approved beauty products for little ones are fun to discover and test during bath time. As children, and especially babies, tend to have sensitive skin, most beauty brands these days use only natural ingredients specifically designed for young skin. I …

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SMALLable Private Sales: Summer Shopping

Smallable Private Sales

I’ve been on the look out for the perfect summer outfits for my kids, nieces and also for myself. I’ve recently had my eyes on the adorable all over print Bobo Choses dress for my niece, the perfect Salt-water beach sandals and of course the matching hat and accessories that will come in handy during sunny days.  For fashion, decor …

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