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Meet MarieEstelle. Perhaps you already know her beautiful Instagram images or her lovely e-shop Yellow Flamingo? We were delighted to learn more about this inspiring woman and also discover some of her favorite spots in Lyon. If you aren’t familiar with Yellow Flamingo, take a look, there are so many items that are tempting to buy!

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Are you a Mom? I am a happy mother of little Victoire, who isn’t that little anymore… She will soon be 4 years old.  I’m used to saying that she is the, “Victoire de ma vie.” (Victory of my life.) She’s a little girl, full of energy and always with a smile.  We really wanted and waited to have a child and she fills us with happiness every day.

Yellow Flamingo

Yellow Flamingo Enfant

The ups and the downs of being a Mom? Let’s start with the “ups” because ultimately with parenthood, we like to remember the positives!

The most beautiful part of being a mother, without hesitation, is my daughter’s amazing smile.

I also love listening to her stories, her laughter, evening hugs, sweet little words, her dandelion bouquets…

For the “downs” I would like to speak more about the disadvantages of being a Mom. There are quite a few, let’s be honest (but a smile sweeps them quickly away!).

The lack of time for myself is often difficult to handle because the choice of family life often comes at the expense of professional life.

I also have a difficult time coping with the idea of a sick child, even for a small boo boo, daddy handles this.

What motivates you? Where do you find your inspiration? My inspiration comes a lot from Instagram. I have to admit… I am a complete “addict” to this social network!

Also, I find a lot of inspiration through Victoire and all of the moments that we share as she is growing up.

Why/How did you create Yellow Flamingo? Yellow Flamingo has been in my head since 4 years.  But I took the time to reflect, the time to refine my tastes, and my selection.  Yellow Flamingo then took off in December 2014.

Having graduated with an Optical Sciences Degree, I was fortunate to be introduced to the world of creation during my career as an optician. This is what I like in life: to discover new products, learn the know-how, the origins, the history and the real life experiences of products around us. It was therefore, obvious for me to create a shop that emphasizes the work of artists and designers with diverse and varied backgrounds.

Yellow Flamingo

Yellow Flamingo

What is your dream for Yellow Flamingo?

I want to continue this beautiful adventure with my favorite designers and I especially want to be able to offer unique, new products to my customers. I want to make them happy! My dream is to get French clients used to buying independent foreign designers. I want to be able to offer innovative products to French clients and successfully change the codes of children’s fashion in France.

Yellow Flamingo

What are you must-haves for the family?

I have to admit that a must-have, I believe, is internet access. In order to access my social networks and his sports news.

Instagram is first and foremost a window for Yellow Flamingo, but also a direct link to my clients.

Our must-haves for the women in the family, include the la Langerie fragrance collection. I discovered these products for children because I used to work with the brand and their website, but I myself have fallen under their spell. 

What are some good spots to visit in Lyon for the family?

Eat an ice cream at Nardonne, climb the Monts d’Or to be in the nature and admire the beautiful city view, eat a burger at Guys and Sons, and discover the most marvelous praline brioche at Pralus. These are all activities to enjoy with kids without moderation!!!!

You probably have understood, we love food and also have a sweet tooth.

We love so many products sold at Yellow Flamingo! So here are just a few: 

Yellow Flamingo

Twig Creative Camera / A Little Lovely Compagny Ice Cream Light / Chloe Fleury Paper Bunny Kit / Fabelab Bed Cover / Sketch Inc Nesting dolls / Main Sauvage Humus Saumon  / Moi Sweatshirt / Frankey’s Dress / Mingo Striped Leggings / Pinch Vintage cars

PHOTO CREDIT: All of the gorgeous photos besides the selection are by the photographer Lois Moreno.

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