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DOOLITTLE magazine just gave birth to a better than ever new edition! The new DOOLITTLE N°1 is a beautiful, biannual magazine that we can leave on the coffee table and  read or consult for parental advice and places to go. We can also be inspired by the latest trends in kids fashion.  This new magazine format still contains all of the timeless and interesting French articles that we love about Doolittle: “fashion, culture and society for real parents and their real kids.”

Doolittle Magazine

Doolittle Magazine

Doolittle Magazine

Doolittle Magazine

Doolittle Magazine

In Doolittle magazine, you will find responses to questions like these:
– “What are we going to do this weekend?” 
– “What type of gift should I get for my 3 year old niece?”
– “How do I respond to existential questions from my child?”

After a smart teasing campaign on the social networks, it’s time to pick up your copy at the newsstand… otherwise, you can also enter to win a copy of Doolittle on Yoyo Mom!

In order to celebrate the launch, we are giving away not just one, but three copies of the new DOOLITTLE N°1 Hors-Série!

If you would like to discover the new magazine and enter our contest to win, just leave a comment below stating why you would like to win a copy of Doolittle N°1.

In order to have a second, third, fourth or fifth chance to win, you can also share this contest on your FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Instagram page (with hashtags #doolittlemagazine & #yoyomom). Don’t forget to leave us an additional comment below to let us know!

Please note that this magazine is in French and that our contest is open worldwide until Friday March 17, 2017 (midnight GMT+1).


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  1. Indispensable si l’on veut tout savoir sur les nouveautés.

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