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Test: The Nihola Electric Family Cargo Bike

This September, the two kids will be going to school a bit far from home.  We are avid bike fans, but our kids are a bit too big for sitting in the toddler seat in back and also for cycling on their own since it’s just a bit too far. This is why we decided to test the Nihola Electric Family Cargo Bike, which could be THE solution!

The Nihola bikes are made in Copenhagen, Denmark and Nantes, France… a definite sign of quality!  Where does the name Nihola come from?  It’s very simple! The inventor is Niels Holme Larsen, a.k.a. NIels HOlme LArsen or Nihola ! Niels is the mechanical engineer that developped Nihola. Design, practicality and functionality.

The Nihola Electric Family Cargo Bike is very solid and extremely comfortable for kids.  They were very happy and enthusiastic to test the bike.  The Nihola cargo bike has three wheels which make it very stable, but also somewhat cumbersome to control. Fortunately, we were able to try the electric version, which is much easier and realistic to ride in the streets of Paris! After a brief practice ride, we rode quietly through the streets of the Marais. At first we had a little trouble turning. With the Nihola turning takes some getting used to, it’s only necessary to turn slightly and not go too fast. The cabin is very convenient with its rainhood (yes it often rains in Paris!) and its capacity of 150 kilos (normally 2 children up to 8 years with their backpacks)! We had no trouble climbing hills with the electric version. In the narrow streets of Paris, we had to occasionally let a few cars pass by because the Nihola is a bit wide.

In conclusion, the Nihola Electric Family Cargo Bike is an excellent bike for leisurely strolls around town when you are not in a rush.  It’s very handy for transporting heavy goods and also more than one child on the bike.  We had a sunny fun day testing the Nihola.

Nihola vélo triporteur


Nihola vélo triporteur Paris





In Paris, the Nihola Electric Family Cargo Bike and the Nihola Family Cargo Bike are available at Bicloune.

93, boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris
Tél. 01 42 77 58 06

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  1. Mine started rusting after 6-7 months unfortunately and the company didn`t even respond properly. Very dissapointed with Nihola. One doesn`t expect such poor quality after paying over 4K.

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