Tech et applications pour parents et enfants

Hot New Tech Apps and Tools For Kids & Parents

There are so many products on the market in this evolving digital world.  Here are a few new products that have caught my eye.   Today, geek is chic!

1. Circle with Disney

Circle is THE smart solution for managing all of your home’s connected devices. Circle With Disney allows parents to filter unsuitable content and limit screen time for kids.

Circle with Disney

2. Marbotic

When traditional wooden toys mix with touchscreen technology, the results are surprising and fun!  This beautifully designed toy is educational and appealing to both kids and their parents.

Marborics tech toy

3. Oblumi tapp

Oblumi tapp is a well designed object that plugs into the smartphone’s headphone jack.  This device is practicaly for measuring children’s temperature with little effort.  It can also be used to test the temperature of baby’s milk or other liquids.

Oblumi Tapp

4. Gululu

Kids need to drink and often they don’t get enough liquids.  Gululu is the solution for encouraging kids to drink using a safe, fun and interactive method.  Each bottle has a digital animal that kids can adopt. The animal then encourages kids to drink and grows when water is consumed.


5. Dokiwatch

This smart watch is actually a  phone and GPS locator, practical for being able to locate your child and also call them.  If the watch does what it promises to do, this seems to be simple and easy to use.  This company had a huge success on Kickstarter!


6. Albert Clock

This streamlined clock by designer Axel Schindlbeck is not just your average clock. In order to know what time it is, the viewer must calculate the hour by using mathematics.  Beautiful and fun, this clock is a bit pricey, but perhaps the design or the educational functions might just justify the price! 🙂Albert Clock

7. So Sooper 

Helping parents and children have better relationships and communication skills is vital for families. This up and coming app offers valuable parenting tips and ways to connect positively with kids and parents.

So Sooper

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