DIY Animal Socks

DIY Kawaii Cute Animal Socks

Inspired by the adorable Mini Dressing  and Emile & Ida animal socks, I decided to make my very own.  Without having too much time to waste, I shopped a few pairs of plain kids socks at Hema and with a few other materials already found at home, I was able to make a pair of DIY animals socks for the kids in just under 10 minutes!

What you will need:

  • a pair of socks (my preference is a solid color)
  • felt or other small fabric scraps
  • needle
  • sewing thread
  • scissors
  • fabric pen
  • embroidery thread (optional)

DIY animals socks

Step 1 Lay each sock out flat with the front part of the socks upwards.

DIY animals socks

DIY animals socks

Step 2 Cut out four ears from your fabric scraps. I made round U-shaped ears that are flat on the bottom, but you can be creative and make various shapes or even hair.  Start sewing the flat side of each ear to the sock centering them evenly in the front. Continue until all four ears are sewn onto the top of each sock, with two on each


Step 3 Now that all four ears are sewn onto the top of each sock, draw a face on each sock with your fabric pen.  I encourage creativity and also doodling on a piece of scrap paper beforehand to get an idea of what kind of cute face you would like to make. If you are satisfied with your sweet animals socks you can consider yourself finished! However, if you would like to continue with some embroidery, proceed to Step 4 😉

DIY animals socks

Step 4 This last step is optional, but making small embroidery back stitches on each sock adds an extra special handmade touch.  Thread your needle with embroidery thread and stitch over each hand drawn face.  Now you can snuggle up and enjoy wearing these special animal socks!

DIY Animal Socks

DIY animals socks
DIY animals socks

DIY Animal Socks

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