Free Giveaway – Win a Funidelia Kids Costume!


Whether it’s Carnival, Easter, a birthday party, Halloween, or even on the weekends, our kids always love to dress up in costumes.  Are you often on the lookout for a special costume for your child? While surfing the net for the perfect princess costume, we discovered the online costume site Funidelia. For the movie premiere of Disney’s Cinderella movie, our girls ... Read More »

Visiting Bern, Switzerland with Nouschine

Berne Suisse voyage

Bern is the Helvetian capital of Switzerland.  We present this beautiful city through the eyes of Nouschine who is an art historian, teacher, artist and photographer. She has also been a blogger for 6 years and owns the shop Nouschine and Sons. Albert Anker (1831–1910) – La crèche en promenade  Bern is an old lady of great elegance. This is how I would describe ... Read More »

Cinderella Movie Premiere at the Grand Rex!


Since we made the announcement, the girls have been impatiently awaiting!  Sunday, they were extremely excited and the conversation at breakfast was all about PRINCESSES! “A princess doesn’t drink her hot chocolate with all of that noise!” “A princess is elegant!” ” A princess only goes out in ball gowns!” “A princess only gets around in her carriage!” And so ... Read More »

Bunny Baby Fashion and Gifts for Easter!


Easter is coming up and some bunny loves you. Although babies are too young to indulge in chocolates, maybe you still want to celebrate and spoil your baby nonetheless with some Easter inspired duds.  Sometimes the chocolate overload can also be too much for your kids. Here are a few Easter theme gifts to celebrate the holiday without spoiling your ... Read More »

Free Giveaway MyuM


It’s the first day of Spring and we want to welcome this season in with three cheers! Not only are we ready for the end of Winter, but we also are ready for fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, sunshine, and flowers! In order to celebrate the beginning of the Spring season Yoyo Mom would like to spoil you with your choice ... Read More »

Interview with Anne & Karoline from Very French Gangsters


Meet Anne Masanet and Karoline Bothorel-Bolzinger from Very French Gangsters.  We are big fans of this brand that makes optical glasses and sunglasses for kids and adults.  With their modern yet vintage style glasses, these two women succeed in helping kids love glasses!  No more tears when bringing our children to the eye doctor… We can only thank you ladies! We are also ... Read More »

DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs


As Easter is coming up we decided to make our very own Lush style bath bombs in the shape of Easter Eggs! With so many chocolate treats, the kids will also be happy playing in the bath with their homemade Easter Egg bath bombs.  If you are making these bath bombs for Easter, then please allow 2 days advance for ... Read More »

Affordable Kids Spring Fashion!


The days are getting longer, the sun is starting to shine, warmer weather is in the air… There’s no doubt that Spring is on it’s way! It’s time to pull out last year’s Spring and Summer clothes, but wait! Shock! Surprise! Nothing fits the kids anymore! It’s all too small! There’s no need to worry, we’ve spotted some very nice ... Read More »

Ready, set, go… In Iglo and Indi!

IgloandIndi kids fashion

There are very few kids fashion brands that design an entire collection that fits perfectly with each season.  Iglo and Indi do just this and more. With their playful and practical baby and kids fashion, their  Spring and Summer collection contains organic cotton tops and bottoms that are perfect for the cool temperatures in early Spring and the hot sunshine in ... Read More »

Petit & Unique Free Giveaway! Win a 100€ Gift Certificate!


If you do not already know the French online boutique Petit et Unique, now is the time to discover this shop! Ombeline proposes a very pretty selection of independent designers including  April Showers, Bellerose, Bensimon, C de C by Cordelia de Castellane, Louis Louise, Maloup, My Little Day, and more. This is an excellent address for finding an adorable outfit for ... Read More »

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