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Kenzo Fever

Kenzo Kids

With the new Kenzo x H&M collaboration coming out in just a few days, just about everyone seems to be going crazy about the brand.  With this upcoming collaboration along with the viral Kenzo perfume video by Spike Jonze, KENZO’s creative directors, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are definitely making bold moves to make this brand stand out to a wider audience.  Leon ...

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Interview with Kristen from Treehouse Kid & Craft

Interview Treehouse Kid & Craft

Meet Kristen, mother and owner of the shop Treehouse Kid & Craft. Not only do we love her shop’s ethical product selection and it’s community awareness concept, but we are also extremely admirative of her latest idea for raising voter awareness among kids by actually letting them cast their own ballots!  Kristen believes in “facilitating children in becoming good citizens and active members in ...

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DIY Skeleton Costume for Halloween!

DIY Skeleton Costume

Halloween is coming up in just a few days and we are busy preparing our last minute costumes. I love this holiday that allows adults and children to dress up, trick or treat and simply have a fun time with friends and family. Have you already found your costume for October 31st?  If not, here is a simple DIY idea for making a cute, ...

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Soft Gallery: Home is where the Heart Is

Soft Gallery

Soft Gallery presents the new Fall Winter 2016-2017 collection with the theme “Home Sweet Home”. Since 2007, Danish designers Tine Holt Molle and Barbara Hvidt, have developed and nurtured a successful children’s fashion brand with a unique and poetic style. All aspects of home life from music, bedtimes stories, cupcakes with frosting, and playing with dolls inspire this collection.  “Home is a ...

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Original Activities for Children In & Around Paris


In France, kids have a lot of free time with half days of school on Wednesday, the weekends and also vacation every six weeks.  With quite a lot of days off,  I am always on the look out for special activities and workshops to keep the kids busy.  I often get inspiration and ideas from websites including Wondercity and Atelier Enfant. I also find good activities ...

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Handmade Inspiration #DifferenceMakesUs

Etsy magnetic wallpaper

Shopping Etsy is a fun and easy way to find original gift ideas and personal shopping inspirations. It also feels good to support small, independent companies that offer unique, handmade products.  The design community on Etsy is so large that sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find things.  So here are a few personal finds that you may find inspiring and you might just even want to add them to ...

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Interview with Kyla from Homegrown Books

Homegrown Books

Meet Kyla, a mom and also exceptional woman who has founded independent publishing group Homegrown Books specialised in providing “reading material as rich as your child’s imagination.” With the never ending search for the best books for kids, I came across Kyla’s company and was inspired by the series of Board Books that inspire young children to learn how to read.  With so many ...

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Super Shearling : The Softest Jacket Ever!

Shearling Fashion

When I think of shearling jackets, I have fond memories of my favorite Levis denim jacket lined with faux sheepskin that I would wear almost everyday to school.  It was the hand me down that seemed to last forever. This season, as autumn and winter weather swiftly approach, the material of choice for many jackets happens to be SHEARLING.  This must-have coat comes ...

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The Animals Observatory – The Finch Collection

The Animals Observatory - Finch Collection

The Animals Observatory has just launched a new capsule collection inspired by the Finch School of Art.  So what is this school all about? Designer Laia Aguilar pays hommage to this all girl’s art college in New York that was founded in 1900.  Mrs. Cosgrave, the director & founder of Finch College said, “My chief object is to awaken Social Consciousness in the girls. I want ...

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Japanese Design at Playtime Tokyo

Playtime Tokyo

Visiting Playtime Tokyo for the very first time was a delightful discovery in Japanese design for kids.  This year at the 16th edition of the Playtime children’s trade fair, an entire section called Kodomono was dedicated to contemporary design objects for children. Brands including Feelt, Mastro Geppetto and Re:verse Products were some of our favorites. Feelt – The RK is an easy to assemble, ...

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DIY Ultra Cute Earbud Headphones

DIY Fimo Clay Earphones

In our home we love listening to music and watching films. With various musical tastes and several activities going on simultaneously, earphones are essential. In order to make our earphones original, I’ve decided to decorate them with kawaii cute polymer clay characters.  They are comfortable to wear and also fun! This DIY project is very easy to make and can be done with or without kids. Each ...

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Paris! at the Bon Marché

Le Bon Marché - Paris!

From September 2nd through October 15th the department store Le Bon Marché is celebrating the city of lights with an exhibition entitled Paris !. At the Bon Marche, street artist Fred Le Chevalier decorates the windows and interior of the department store with his well known characters that can also be seen throughout the city. At the Bon Marché and also online, it’s possible to shop exclusive products ...

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Interview with Laura from Colchik

Laura Moustacakis - Colchik

Laura Moustacakis is a mother and designer of the kids fashion brand Colchik. The idea behind her brand is “slow factory for everyday luxury.” The Colchik children’s collection features staple pieces that can be worn throughout the changing seasons and also last long enough to be passed down to siblings. Meeting Moustacakis at the Kid Shows in Paris was an opportunity to ...

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Iglo + Indi: Shadow Play Look


Icelandic brand Iglo+Indi has just launched an enchanting Fall Winter collection entitled Shadow Play. Children are invited into a magical world of insects and gentle creatures who spend their time playing in their shadows.  This theme is ideal for getting into the mood of autumn with a color palette containing natural, earthy tones as well as cosy shades of pale peach, khaki green and yolk yellow. At Iglo+Indi it is very ...

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Pleats Pretty Please

Pleats Please - Soft Gallery

Pleats are pleasant. Pleats are pretty and there’s no need to iron these outfits as the latest ready to wear collections include structural pleats adding volume or shape to everyday pieces. These pleats are full of various styles to please each individual’s tastes. From dresses, cardigans, skirts, and trousers… pleats are everywhere in the new Fall Winter children’s fashion collections. Here are a few ...

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