Spring Break Activities in Paris


We are always on the lookout for fun and often educational activities for our kids during Spring Break.  We have been very busy lately and haven’t had much time to organize.  But we are always inspired by all that Paris has to offer (even at the last minute!). Here is a selection of original activities for kids to do in ... Read More »

Home – Our Favorite Movie of the Moment


The Dreamworks film HOME is currently out in cinemas and I can advise you to go run and see it! To be quite honest, the posters for the film did not exactly appeal to me nor make me want to see this film. However once the film began, the movie posters were completely forgotten.  My 7 year old daughter and ... Read More »

Shopping at SMALLable… for Mom!


Over the past few months SMALLable has expanded their shop and introduced more and more new brands that not only design clothes for adolescents but also women!  Brands including Blune, Des Petits Hauts, G.Kero, Labdip, Leon & Harper, Polder, Sessun, and Soeur happen to be some of our favorites. While shopping for our kids we now find ourselves getting a bit distracted by shopping ... Read More »

Bust A Move


The weather is getting nicer and our kids are impatient to go outside and start biking, running, playing sports and doing some physical activities! With the beginning of Spring, we are inspired by getting our bodies into shape with running and aerobics and Miss L is joining in too!  Miss L fell in love with the LET’S DANCE sweatshirt at ... Read More »

Meet Norman Normcore…


Have you already heard about the Normcore trend? Stemming from the words “Normal” and “Hardcore” the Normcore look embraces an average, somewhat unisex look. Some associate this look with freedom, a relaxed attitude, and pretty much dressing with basic staple clothes. With the Normcore look, you won’t see much color and you may not care too much about designer labels. ... Read More »

Easter Egg Hunting in Paris


Are you in Paris for Easter this weekend? Perhaps you are looking for some fun activities to do with your children. Look no further!  There are so many activities that the list is long, but we have narrowed down 5 of our favorite spots to go Easter Egg hunting this Saturday, Sunday, and/or Monday! 1. Musée des Arts Forains  April ... Read More »

Must Have Cinderella Style


At the moment, Miss A has two passions: Cinderella (she just loved the new movie!) and Chi the adorable little manga kitten. Wednesday afternoon she had her two passions reunited: the pleasure of reading her Chi book while being comfortably dressed in Little Eleven Paris‘ Cinderella collection with a pair of 10 IS sneakers! When mom offered to inflate some balloons in preparation for ... Read More »

Bonton + DIY Easter Inspiration


Easter is just a few days away and we are very excited for this fun celebration!  We are preparing a few decorations and a small buffet for the kids with some very cool decorations all shopped at Bonton! We found some very sweet Bunny treat bag kits with stick-on ears, sealing stickers & bows for the Easter Egg Hunt!  The kids will be ... Read More »

Shaun the Sheep – Family Cinema Time!


Shaun the Sheep is out in cinemas worldwide! We were lucky enough to see the movie premiere with two children ages 5 and 12 years old.  For the younger child, he was captivated from beginning to end and the older child was laughing heartily throughout the film.  This is definitely a great movie to see with the entire family! With the ... Read More »

Colors and Flowers: New Bonton Linens!


Each year for the past few years it’s been “showering babies” in Spring! Several of our friends are expecting at the moment. If you are expecting and aren’t very satisfied with what most shops offer for preparing baby’s room, we suggest taking a look at Bonton’s new collection of linens.  There’s a good chance that you will find some very ... Read More »

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