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Magic Parade

Soft Gallery

Soft Gallery presents their Spring Summer 2016 Collection with a Magic Parade. Designers Tine Holt Møller and Barbara Hvidt succeed in combining art and poetry in their fashion.  A dreamy pastel color palette is mixed with splashes of vibrant color details including paint splatter prints and the brand’s trademark embroideries.  This Danish children’s brand welcomes in the new season with fresh fruits, surfboards, tennis, and flamingo prints.  Their images make ...

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Playtime Paris Baby Gear – Time to Vote!


The Yoyo Moms spent an entire day selecting our favorite baby gear items at Playtime Paris. Our top three favorites for baby happen to be all complimentary. The choice is hard to make and we want all three of these products! Since we need to choose only one product, it’s now up to you to vote for your favorite item out of ...

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Be a good animal, true to your instincts…

The Animals Observatory

After the launch of the very first collection by The Animals Observatory, most shops were sold out within just a few days!  However, if you happen to be lucky enough… there are a few pieces left to be found! With original prints and cool cuts inspired by 1970’s graphics, Henry Moore sculptures, Elaine Constantine photographs, Barragán architecture, Le Corbusier, and even Charlotte Perriand furniture, we are big ...

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Costume Free Giveaway! Carnival Time!


In our home, almost everyday is dress up day. Whether it be for birthday parties, family gatherings, play dates or Halloween, the kids always seem to find the occasion to put on their costumes.  On February 9th, it’s Mardi Gras. In France we have the tradition of making and eating delicious crepes and dressing up for Carnival! This year, our kids are ...

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Qwant Junior, A Search Engine for Kids

Qwant Junior

My daughter is growing up. She was raised when the computer and the smart phone were already in full swing. She isn’t even aware about what a typewriter, a cassette tape, a record player and hardly even at all what a CD is. Welcome to the high-tech revolution! Here comes the Generation Z, or rather the generation of children born after the year 2000! My ...

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Interview with Giedre and Karolis from ANCHOVY

Anchovy - Dreamscapes

Meet Giedre and Karolis. They are a design team and also the founders of the brand Anchovy. Anchovy is present for the very first time at Playtime Paris. We were captivated by their vivid images that are designed therough an interactive app platform and we were curious to know more. Are you a Mom? Are you a Dad? Giedre & Karolis: Yes! ...

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The Latest & Greatest Baby Gear at Playtime!


Were there any baby products that you were ashamed to own because they were so utterly unattractive?  Well, that’s not a problem anymore! Nowadays, there are so many designer products for babies and it’s very tempting to fall absolutely “gaga” for baby gear. Over the next few days, the Yoyo Moms and also the beautiful Lauriane from You May Love It are honored to select our ...

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Shopping the Sales for Baby!

Baby Sale

Babies grow so extremely fast until they are about 2 years old. When babies will only fit clothes for a few months it often makes us hesitate to spend our money!  To satisfy our urges to shop for our babies we are taking advantage of the final sale discounts from some of our favorite online shops. We’ve dug up a few of the prettiest ...

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Sale Selection: Time to redecorate!


The Winter Sales are the perfect opportunity to relook our interiors by shopping up a few special items that we would not necessarily buy at full price. Whether it be some adorable pillows, a designer chair, a rug or even wallpaper, we are ready to shop a few items at some of our favorite online shops.  Enjoy our sale selection and you may also be ...

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Interview with Fanny – Moodkit Designer

Fanny Grangier - Moodkit

Meet Fanny Grangier, Mom and also designer of the Moodkit, a pregnancy kit composed of several “second skin” garments to wear as you wish with your favorite clothes. We have been following this vibrant, young woman  from the very beginning of her brand and we are delighted to share with you more about Fanny.  When we were expecting, it was a pleasure to wear the ...

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Bobo Choses New SS16 Collection: Der Blaue Reiter

Bobo Choses SS16 der blaue reiter

The new Bobo Choses collection, entitled “Der Blaue Reiter” is now arriving in shops. This season, Adriana Esperalba (founder and CEO) is inspired by color and Modern Art. Influences from artists including Matisse, Picasso, Pollock and Hockney are found in sweet Bobo Choses prints. It’s refreshing to see our kids wearing abstract prints in apricots and ice cream yellows. So let’s make ...

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Let’s Get Organized + FREE Printable Agenda


The year goes by, time flies and January is already almost half way through. It is hard to believe that we are already in the year 2016.  This is usually the month that New Year’s Resolutions are made and although we hardly have time to think about resolutions, we are at least making the time to get organized to start the year off ...

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Keeping Cosy & Warm with the Waddler SALE

Waddler Sale

It’s Winter and all we want is comfort. We want soft and wooly clothes that make us dream about floating in the clouds. We also want enchanting colors to brighten the cold season that is often too long for our liking. For our children, Waddler is the brand that meets all of these requirements. We are in love with the adorable Pierrot collar sweaters that are now iconic. ...

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SMALLable SALE Selection!

Smallable Sales

Let’s face it… It’s chilly outside and it will only get colder over the next few days.  We are filling up our shopping bags (It’s time for the WINTER SALES!) and saving on a few winter wardrobe must-haves (and other odds and ends that we can’t resist!).  If brands including Bobo Choses, Talc, Mini Rodini, Finger in the Nose, 10 IS, Milk on the Rocks, Bellerose are also ...

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Winter Mood Inspiration


Baby it’s getting cold outside and during the  holidays it’s easy to get the cold, winter blues. Here is a bit of end of the year inspiration to get you in the happy mood for the upcoming new year! A DIY Fairy Light jar to add a bit of magic and brighten up the room when natural daylight hours are ...

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